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Asked by T.W.Y

Asked on 04 Dec 2019

Any advice for licensing a product in SG?

How do I go about doing it? what are some things that I should be looking out for? anyone with experience willing to share?


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Cedric Jamie Soh
Cedric Jamie Soh, Director at
Level 8. Wizard
Answered on 27 Dec 2019

You need to give more details and check what agency will it be under.

For example a medical product will be under HSA, while a food product will most probably by under Food Safety Agency.

By licensing, do you mean the permit to sell? The permit to store? the permit to export? Or you mean the intellectual ownership and licensing to others? Do you mean just ownership of the industrial design? The patents? trademark?

Every different question will have different answer.

For example, if you are talking abt trademark and patent, easy answer: google for IP patent lawyer in Singapore. Preferably one that is on your sector. For example IP patent lawyer on engineering design will most likely turn up a lawyer who is engineer trained so he knows how to do a patent on the engineer aspect that is more likely to be granted an IP.

If you talking abt artistic design, then that previous lawyer won't be a good match, you have to find another specialist lawyer.



Do your research properly.

Apply all the necessary permits and licensing.

Obey all regulations.

Ensure that all angles are well-covered.

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