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Asked 3d ago

$449 Tesla Buy or Wait?

I would like to hear your opinion in the current price of Tesla.

Should i just buy at this price if it is a long term investment which will be kept for at least 5-10years?

Some says that there will be a pullback before battery day. But judging by the current trend, even if there is a pullback by then, the lowered price might still be higher than the current price.

Wouldn't want to lose the opportunity by waiting for a dip.

Just want to compile all the opinion and articles before i decide.


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Hi there!

I think your answer lies within your question.

If you are in for the long-term, then you shouldn't be contemplating whether to buy now or after Battery Day. I understand that you want to get in at the best price possible to maximize potential gains. However, that is extremely tough to do so. Unless you have a crystal ball to know where prices are headed leading up to Battery Day, then good for you. Otherwise, I recommend starting DCA-ing now leading up to Battery Day. If what you predicted is true, at least you can get in during the pullback.

The conundrum with every stock investor is whether to buy now or later in hopes of a pullback. I was once in your position. My best advice going forward is to compile a list of investment theses, backed with evidence and data. You can watch videos on YouTube (HyperChange, Chicken Genius Singapore, Solving the Money Problem). They provide information and interpretations which may reinforce your thesis.

I would recommend avoiding mainstream finance media (CNBC, MarketWatch etc.). Their view is horrendously narrow and short-term.

I am glad that you will be holding onto Tesla for the long term, 5 years or more because that is when your theses will eventually playout. Remember, everything in the short-term is noises and wild emotions, including the build-up hype for Battery Day.

$449 or $320 (Sept Lowest), doesn't really matter in the long-run. It is going to look like a typo on your charts in the future.

I will end off with a quote by Baillie Gifford, Tesla's second-largest shareholder, 'Actual Investors think in decades, not in quarters'._

All the best!​​​



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Jovan Lai
Jovan Lai

2d ago

Agreed bro! TSLA is really something different. Cathie Wood from Ark Invest has very good insights and views on how to view companies in her disruptive innovation investing style with TSLA and other companies bringing on very unique things to the table
Question Poster

2d ago

Thanks for the warning guys! I think i will use some spare cash to purchase today. I will wait for Elon's next tweet about the stock price too high 😂
Thank You!
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