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    Yuhan Lian
    Yuhan Lian
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    Updated on 27 Nov 2018
    Given that you spend the weekend coding away, do ask yourself if you really enjoy it. For me, I fell in love with it. Here's some route you can consider: 1) Hold on to your job, but during your free time say, after work or during weekend, build something and keep going through those free tutorials on YouTube and read those well-written documentation. These days, most technical team prefer someone who can do the job rather than some paper qualifications. 2) Enroll into a course full time basis. I did mine in https://www.thoughtworks.com/jumpstart and never regretted spending 3 months working from morning till late, learning something new and to code in a big group. Though it is considered a tech bootcamp. 3) If you need some allowance, consider internship. Some developers are kind enough to teach. You'll be surprised how much they are willingly to share. Rarely do I get this when I was in poly and uni. Regardless of which route you take, you should be ready to feel some discomfort and of course some financial strain if you do take the full time path. About me: I did step 1, 2, 3, and now work in MNC as a developer after a year preparation :)