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  • Asked by Anonymous

    Yeo Wee Teck
    Yeo Wee Teck
    2 Answers, 6 Upvotes
    Answered on 20 Nov 2018
    Work does not just contribute money. It is also a source of meaning for some people. In 2-factor job satisfaction literature. External factors like pay and benefits are considered as "hygiene factors". One will not be dissatisfied if the amount of it is sufficient. On the other hand, there are the so-called motivators like job meaning. With sufficient job meaning, one would most likely continue to stay at work. Meaning could derive from many different factors. e.g. nature of work (e.g. doctors), able to contribute their wisdom despite older age (e.g. professors). For me, I would try to stay in work force as long as I could if I believe I could continue to contribute my expertise.
  • Asked by Anonymous

    Yeo Wee Teck
    Yeo Wee Teck
    2 Answers, 6 Upvotes
    Answered on 15 Nov 2018
    Hello. Sorry to hear your condition. I had gone through the same problem about 6 years ago. My kidney was about to shut down. I was lucky enough to have my mom donate her kidney to me, which extended my life a second time. Some of the potential things you could go through now: 1) Speak to your transplant coordinator to arrange for medical social worker to review your situation. If there are sufficient reasons to get additional support, they might be able to help. 2) Try to seek help from close relatives whether they are willing to donate kidney. There is a risk involved but it will cheaper compared to dialysis, which is not sustainable. Other than that, I could only wish you all the best. Do drop me a note if you need some moral support. I've been through it. Life will only get better, if you could get the transplant. Good luck!

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