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  • Asked by Daniel Lee

    Lai Chong Chao
    Lai Chong Chao
    Level 2. Rookie
    Answered on 15 Jan 2019
    First, Don’t keep too much cash in bank accounts, unless they are high interest savings account. Put all the rest into different investments and diversify them. :) Second, As for high interest Savings account, find out how to earn higher interest. For instance, for OCBC 360, I myself do not buy insurance from them, but I can invest in their products by buying 20k worth of unit trusts etc. Third, I personally do not believe in spending in order to gain small perks, such as spending in credit cards to get cash back, and also spending like $500 to earn higher interest for the high interest saving accounts. They totally contradict with the idea of savings and these extra perks of earning few dollars do not justify the chance to save hundreds.