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  • Asked by Daniel Lee

    Kyle Looi
    Kyle Looi
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    Answered on 08 Jan 2019
    I'd always thought - what's the point of saving a 'meagre' 10/20cents, when it can't amount to anything big? I'll rather throw it in my school's koi pond to make a wish or simply be mischievous with my friends. It wasn't a cliché event such as donating to the less fortunate that changed me. Rather, at that point in time as a primary school kid, it was desperation - how could I satisfy my growling stomach when I forgot to bring my wallet? I stared straight into the pond, seeing its floor covered with 'meagre' coins. If I picked up all the coins, I could have more than a month's worth of pocket money and heck, even more. Well, the timid me eventually hesitated and went home hungry, but not without a brilliant idea to share with my dad. My dad wasn't like most other dads - he didn't get angry and rather was amused with this logical but silly idea I had. And there, he passed me this piggy that we always had near our front door that weighed so heavily in my hands. Feeling curious, I pulled open the 'cork nose' of the piggy, and what poured out was loads of gold ($1) coins that he had collected over the years. To him, $1 was 'meagre' but to me, it was the first time seeing a treasure cove of 'gold' with my eyes wide open. Whatever he said afterwards wasn't captured by the primary school me, but the moral of the story remained blindingly clear - what was 'meagre' to one might be a treasure cove to another. As a young adult now, my long-term habit of saving 'meagre' coins amounted to a few hundred dollars like the treasure cove I saw - paying for my overseas trip, donating to local charities, and indulging in a good meal to fill up the similar hunger I had that taught me this lesson.

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