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    Keith Looi
    Keith Looi
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    As a kid, I always craved adventure. Back in primary school, I remember saving up to buy myself a cheap pair of Roller Blades as I loved the simple joy of exporing the different areas around my flat and with the wind blowing against my hair. To buy the pair of Roller Blades, I remember bringing my own food to save money during recess and even stopping myself from buying drinks at the drink stall and drink water instead. The excitement and thrill of being able to roller blade outweighed any short term sacrifices to save that money. Over the years, my needs and wants have evolved from that pair of Roller Blades. Being a young adult, I see the importance in saving and investing my money in order to meet my financial goals (e.g. marriage, house, retirement, etc). But beyond that, I still set aside a small sum of money for my next adventure - be it a solo backpacking trip or hiking up my next mountain. After all, there is always a kid inside of me who craves that adrenaline and adventure!

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