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    Junda Huang
    Junda Huang
    Level 2. Rookie
    Answered on 10 Sep 2018
    The first step I would do would be to assess my needs. 1) Emergency funds? 2) Outstanding debts? 3) Immediate needs - need to buy house, renovation, wedding, kids etc. Whatever that will require loans or debts And consider setting aside some money for it. Assuming 1-3 are already covered, I will consider whether your parents retirement funds are already covered. If they are not, then this will have to come out of your own future. cash flow. I will consider topping up their RA to at least FRS which will give them lifetime income via CPF LIFE and alleviate your future cash flow. Assuming that is covered as well, then let's talk investment. Low to medium risk profile would suggest 50% SSB and 50% S-REITS ETF (Lions Philips S REITS ETF) for income and diversification