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    Ben Ng
    Ben Ng
    Level 1. Freshie
    Answered on 13 Nov 2018
    Haven't officially start my rat race, but soon enough. Here's my take on things. For me, I will definitely choose the 100k job. Reasons: 1. At the end of the day, I will still be an employee. Why not earn as much as I can, and probably start my own business or do investment which can create multiple streams of income for myself. 2. Once time is lost, we can never get it back. So I would rather use the same amount of time to achieve a higher earning potential. 3. I believe it's a rare opportunity. Since you mentioned that you are currently earning 30k, so it is definitely a huge increase in your paycheck. And opportunities don't come very often, I would take it if I were you. Most importantly, I feel that you should identify what is your main objective that you would like to achieve from your career. If you are money-driven like me, then by all means go ahead and take up the offer for the 100k job. You might not enjoy it, but if it can contribute to early retirement so that you can spend time with your loved ones, I think it's definitely worthwhile. Just my two cents worth.