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18 Jun 2019

Would you rather make $30,000 a year doing a job you enjoy or making $100,000 doing a job you don't like?

I'm actually in this dilemma now between jobs. Interested to know what people think.


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    What are your thoughts?

    I used to be really hard up about money before I resign from my fist job (after uni, worked for more than 4 years) recently. It was a really tough decision as i was doing what i was passionate about. But the environment i was put through made me chose to leave without having another job lined up. I took a trip out of Singapore to reflect about myself and the job I wish to take. Below are some conclusions I had for myself, which hopefully helps you.

    1) I should never do what I'm passionate about/hobby as a job - because I'm so passionate about it, I tend to have my own opinions and know a lot more about it while my bosses may not. Their focus would be purely organisation needs and nothing else (unless the WHOLE organisation is set up with its core value revolving around what you're passionate about.. And your boss got to believe in the organisation core value too!)

    2) when I'm young, it's important to follow the right leader who are willing to teach and groom me rather than following the highest pay and never get to grow. Of course if I can get both at the same time, that would be awesome.

    3) after I graduate, my degree probably lands me my first job and not the subsequent one. The next job and on is highly based on my transferable skills from my first job.

    4) I was hard up about money and it was also money that kind of made it a really though decision for me to resign. Only when I finally prioritised my emotions over money then I can let go. It's ok to not have a lot of money now, as long as there's sufficient for emergency use!

    4) no matter how much I love the job, the company (especially big org) will only view with you as one of the employees. Don't ever sell your life to the company. Take your deserving break and don't try to "more OT means more hardworking". You will only torture yourself.

    6) I never knew what I don't like a job until I get to try it. I will view every single new things as a new challenge and told myself that I will get hold of it, no matter how much I dislike it. The next job I'm getting is a job that I always told everyone I will never do. But I met my direct boss during the interview and he seems really nice and nurturing.. most importantly, I know I can now do what I am really passionate on my own And not live my passion up to other people's expectation anymore.

    Sorry for the long story, but in summary, money shouldn't be your first factor, unless you're in a fire situation that needs as much money as possible. Good luck! :)




      Gabriel Tham

      Gabriel Tham

      18 Jun 2019

      Level 14·Tag Team Member at Kenichi Tag Team

      Coming from personal experience here.

      After graduating I worked for a job I really liked, kinda llike a dream job. But the pay really sucked. I didnt mind cos the job was really what I liked.

      Then, came the betrayal, was retrenched without benefits.

      Second job, also same industry, a job that I liked, really really into the job and people were great.

      Then, came another stab in the back. Retrenched again.

      After that came the realization. F*** the job you like. The company don't give a shit. They treat you like slave in the end. Just work for money and invest then retire early.




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