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23 Jan 2021

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With the economy is going up, is it still worth to invest in robo-advisor? If so, which robo still worth to invest now?

Currently invest in Endowus and StashAway. Considering Syfe and MoneyOwl now. Or other robos to recommend? Please share your reasons. Or need to wait like mar 2020 to invest? Consider invest as a lump sum of cash.

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The best time to invest is yesterday. And since you cannot invest yesterday, the next best time to invest is now.

I think Zac has already mentioned about the similarity between Endowus, Stashaway, Syfe, and MoneyOwl. They all pretty much invest in the same thing and if the market crash, all your funds are similarly affected.

Investing with different robo advisors will simply diversify the risk of a collapse of any one of the companies. You might want to examine what are the funds the robos are investing in and perhaps invest into the funds yourself. I'm quite sure you can find many of such funds using FSMone.

If you are slightly more risk-averse, you can DCA into the funds. I have been using the few robos mentioned and compare the returns with some managed fund offerings. Carefully selected managed funds seemed to have a better performance.

You might want to invest in other noncorrelated assets, like crypto, gold, etc. to build a more well-rounded portfolio. Picking individual stocks may be a better choice if you are pretty good at it.

At the end of the day, whatever you invest in there is always a balance to make between liquidity, fees, and returns.

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22 Jan 2021

Noob at Idiots Invest

Excellent question. I think a fundamental tenet to your question is also, "With the economy going up, is it still worth investing?". And further to that, "Is it better to invest if the economy goes up or down?"

At the end of the day, there is no "best time to invest". (Well, yes technically, everyone should "buy low, sell high" - but nobody can time the market.) So in my opinion, regardless of whether the economy goes up or down, we should always invest. I think Endowus has a webinar on this where they showed stats - something to the tunes of, even if you missed five or ten of the best investing days (market lows) within a certain period, you would still make returns from being invested in the market for a long time. So really, buying during a market crash like Mar 2020 isn't as important as investing early and staying invested.

The second tenet of your question concerns robo-advisors. I see that you already invest with Endowus and Stashaway. That is good. I don't think there's any hard and fast / right or wrong if you want to invest with one robo-advisor or four. However, do consider the underlying assets at the end of the day.

Currently, (if I understand correctly, might be wrong) Equity100 from Syfe and the highest risk profiles from Stashaway and Endowus are quite heavily tilted toward US markets. You might find that despite investing in different robos, your exposure ends up being the same. So investing with multiple robos might just exaggerate your US-tilted portfolio, for example.

Think of it this way. If Endowus helps you buy apples, Stashaway helps you buy apples, and you add on MoneyOwl and Syfe, who also help you buy apples - in the end all you have are apples. True, there are differences in the way Endowus, Stashaway or Syfe invest (perhaps they buy apples, oranges and pears in varying proportions) - but I think these differences ultimately don't outweight principles of gaining diversified market exposure early on - which you already have done by investing with Endowus/Stashaway.

It's a bit like buying a wallet, or opening a bank account. By all means, do homework, due diligence, and compare the different products and their different utilities. But I'm not sure there's a need to open 4 bank accounts or have 4 different wallets. So if you're already investing with Endowus / Stashaway, you could consider increasing your investments with them.

I hope this was helpful. I'm sorry I didn't exactly offer a solution because I think ultimately we assimilate the opinions of others and extract principles for making our own financial decisions. There's no one solution from anyone that will suit you perfectly. Good luck!​​​

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22 Jan 2021

Development & Acquisitions Manager at Real Estate Private Equity

Hey Anon, absolutely, you need to understand how robo-advisors & the market operates.

When somethi...

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