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20 Nov 2019


Why are people willing to spend more than S$1.6k on the latest Apple iPhone?

That's even more than an entry-level Macbook Air...

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Cedric Jamie Soh

Cedric Jamie Soh

18 Sep 2019

Level 12·Director at Seniorcare.com.sg

How much have you spent on your laptop/desktop?

How much time do you use your laptop/desktop?

It's normal to spend abt $1.5k to $2k (even $3k for those who need a fast laptop) on a proper laptop for studies or work.

You probably spend more time on your phone than on a laptop (or tablet).

Going by usage by hours in your life, are you sure that item is expensive?

I just want to spend as little time as I could in charging/ maintaining/repair/downtime and please please no lag on a phone I spend hours on it for work and leisure.

I stopped telco's contracts years ago, opting for a basic plan, and buying my phones directly, hence saving money by cutting off telco tied plans. And a great "expensive" phone usually last me 4-5 years.

I was using my wife's old phone (because she decided her android phone battery life is ridiculous and she switched to iPhone) for extra 1-2 more years before I too switched to a newer phone.

Whatever you spend, think of how long it can last you, I think it would be reasonable if you plan to use it for a longer time than a cheap phone that gets replaced earlier

PS: its more environmentally friendly to use a phone for as long as you can too!

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Jacqueline Yan

Jacqueline Yan

17 Sep 2019

Level 7·Content Strategist at Seedly

Sometimes I feel that it's just a status symbol now since there's nothing spectacular between releases.

But to be honest, Apple's ecosystem is really pretty solid, it is super easy to transfer any information between your iPhone and whichever Mac you're using. I don't have one myself, but I've also heard that the Apple Watch is one of the best, so it supports a seamless lifestyle. It helps that the products are really intuitive and user-friendly, at least for me.

Like Cedric mentioned, Apple products can last quite a while. Even though I've recently switched to the Google Pixel 'cus I couldn't stomach the crazy iPhone prizes, I'm definitely waiting to see how well my Pixel can serve me in the long run.

Another thing I realised is that iPhone's resale prices are generally higher than other brands, which might be a factor for some people?

One could argue that it's because of the latest functionalities but TBH, phone technology improvemen...

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