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03 May 2020


Which robo-advisor would you recommend for SIP and why?

I'm looking at a couple of options but would love to have more inputs. Which would you recommend and why?

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Amanda Ong

03 May 2020

Country Manager, Singapore at StashAway

Hi there,

This is a great question.

I can't and won't comment on the other players but here is how StashAway clients can do it.

A lot of our clients are now using our automated transfer from StashAway Simple to their investment portfolios. This allows you to manage this whole process from your StashAway app and park your cash in a portfolio that currently earns 1.9% p.a.

You can also set up a standing instruction from your bank to us. This is an automated transfer that you can set and on a specific day each week or month, your funds are transferred to your StashAway account. If it's a FAST transfer, we receive it almost immediately. The limit for FAST transfer is SGD 200,000 so anything below that you can use it.

If we receive it before 2pm on any given day, your funds will be invested in the same evening, during the US market open.​​​

Hi there,

the first thing you need to determine is your goal and your timeline.

There are of course different options in the market but then again, it all depends on your investment goal.

However, i joined kristal.AI SIP program. I can only share that my experience has been great.

You can easily navigate SIP (systematic investment plan) on the investment product you wish to invest monthly in. Just select 'Buy' and the option will be offered to you.

If you would like to reinvest in a certain product monthly, you can select Systematic Investment Plan e.g. in Vanguard VTI 'Buy'. Then, when adding in your budget, do allow a 10% - 20% buffer in event the NAV goes up.

kristal.AI is not a GIRO, so you will need to ensure funds are in your bank before date of trade execution. E.g. Execute trade on 4th. You need to set up standing instructions on 2nd.

For example, if an ETF is USD 40 and the SIP is set for USD 100, we will buy 2 units of the ETF. If the ETF goes up to USD 60, they will only buy 1 unit of the ETF and so on.

Hope this explanation helps you to see how simple it is with kristal.AI.


Colin Lim

29 Apr 2020

Financial Services Consultant at Colin Lim

WHich team are you in? Growth or dividend?

I recommend stashaway. it is a user friendly app. it pri...

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