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26 Jun 2021


Where can I source for scholarships to apply for my University degree?

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You can check out https://brightsparks.com.sg/

It's a portal offering many different schloarships for students of different educational levels! :)

Kenneth Lou

Kenneth Lou

10 Sep 2018

Level 14·Co-founder at Seedly

I was a ex Kent Ridge Scholar with NUS! :) So coming from someone who got through the vigorous process (actually it's very doable)...

Here's a plea to you... try to get a Scholarship! Most are bond-free nowadays... and you should look at the NUS, SMU or NTU websites (if you are going for local university to apply there!)

Often I know many friends who are actually pretty bright and interesting people who did not apply for scholarships because they are too afraid to get rejected. But here's the truth, the assessment varies and has been changing recently. They now look for other things outside of Academics... make your self interesting and hustle to get it.

Here's the truth, by spending 1 to 2 months applying for Scholarships... you are saving yourself 3 years of Tuition fees ranging between $30k to $50k (which will take you a further 2 years to clear when you first start working.) So why not try to take a chance... and so what if you get rejected! Don't waste this chance to save a big amount of money... for you or your parents!

All the best! Happy to give some more advice if you need, you can pm me or leave a comment below! but primarily you can also read this article here: https://blog.seedly.sg/scholarships-you-should-...

Leong Wen Fong

Leong Wen Fong

10 Sep 2018

Level 10·Commercial Ops at Aspire

Every University has a student service centre for students to ask about scholarships. Alternatively,...

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