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21 Feb 2024



What to do when you lost your android phone?

Call and text no response?


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Lock the phone to secure its content before try locating it using 'Find My Device'. Make a police report and get replacement sim-card are the final steps to save yourself from unnecessary trouble should the phone be used for unlawful purpose. When there is time, check with the police how do they identify lost phone owner if some kind souls brought those phones to the police station.

Today in Singapore, without a smartphone installed with certain android version and above, can be quite a hassle as many tasks have to be done via the mobile apps only (rather than the web browser) e.g. 2FA for bank transactions especially those digital banks.

Get replacement sim card immediately

Go online and log off all clouds related login. next time buy an Apple phone.

Change the IC card and suspend the previous mobile phone number service...

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