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18 Apr 2019


Saving Hacks

What is your bank & card accounts combo you use to maximise interest and rebates?

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Cherie Julianne Tan

25 Apr 2018

Marketing at MoneyOwl

If you are not salaried, or if you are still a student, fresh grad or a freelancer and you are unable to hit certain criterias required by some, here is what I did:

  • Savings account: I am considering to open CIMB FastSaver account after using the savings calculator that Kenneth has mentioned! (1% interest pa, why not?)
  • Spending card: DBS Visa debit (which linked to my multi-currency account mainly for online shopping!)
  • Brokerage account: DBS Vickers using cash upfront as well.

The opportunity cost of leaving your savings in your DBS/POSB savings account is 0.95% p.a., that is $9.50 for every $1000. That's 2 cups of bubble tea that I have been foregoing, gosh!

Yeap Ming Feng

25 Apr 2018

Head of Seedly at Seedly



Mine may not be the best. Looking to change some of it soon.


Here's my combo:


Savings Account: OCBC 360

Spending: OCBC 365 and DBS VISA Debit

Trading account: DBS Vickers for the cash upfront, low trading cost (plus, it's non-custodian)


Personally, the OCBC 360 and 365 combo can be improved. But at the moment, I'm liking their user experience, hence, am still with it.

Kenneth Lou

25 Apr 2018

Co-founder at Seedly

Hey! After doing much research (as of April 2018) and my unbiased two cents.


**Here are my bank ...

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