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27 Oct 2020



What is the biggest personal finance change you have made since the pandemic?

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Elijah Lee

27 Oct 2020

Senior Financial Services Manager at Phillip Securities (Jurong East)

Hi anon,

I guess the biggest change I did was to really relook at my income streams. I have been working hard the past few years, though did look occasionally at my income streams, but this pandemic really gave me the situation to do a deeper analysis.

Like it or not, the pandamic is a situation where it almost feels like retirement is forced upon you. This is what retirement feels like, sitting at home (minus the going out part) and spending money on your bills and essentials hoping it doesn't run dry.

Ok, lets say you end up working from home. Sure, you still get paid, but if you got retrenched over zoom (I know someone who did), then suddenly your income stream stops, and you are forced into retirement.

So I looked again and nope, my passive income streams are not quite there yet. (Not that I expected it to be, I already had an idea of where it was, but it was good to get more precise numbers)

They have been build over the years, and it's growing at nice clip, but I guess the realization of just how much shortfall I have to make up fall does put things in perspective.

I'm already frugal by default, so not much belt tightening to be done there. But then I guess this was a really good stock take on my situation.

Just have to keep my head down and continue working.

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Shania Loh

27 Oct 2020

Seedly Student Ambassador 2020/21 at Seedly

The pandemic has got me thinking a lot more about personal finance and finally took action to do something about it instead of throwing it at the back of my mind!


I finally set aside my emergency funds! I've also been spending lesser than usual, especially since I no longer like to travel out, I get to save on transport and meals! Am also taking advantage of savings accounts :)


Was too scared of the market to actually start investing but no time like to present (especially during these extraordinary times) so I got started via a robo-advisor!


Its cheaper to get it while i'm still young and most of us often forget how important it is get insured.

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No change.

living modestly (mostly).

putting the largest part of the salary

as possible into (mos...

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