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What is going on with the Tiger broker promo code question? 70 upvotes in one day?

I returned back to my account after so long, saw a notification for my post in the Tiger broker promo code thread. I am not even sharing my own promo code. But I see new users that post their code and magically get 50, 70 up votes. How is this fair? Comments full of fake users also. Turns out other posts have the same problem, just look under the promo code section. It is demoralising to see that these users can have higher points than me although I answer more questions.

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Since you are aware that they are fake, don’t let it demoralise you. Seedly makes it easy for people to create accounts to upvote themselves so I guess this was inevitable. Did you notice you never had to verify your email when you created your account before you were allowed to post? This means one could create an account with burner emails that don’t even exist like [email protected]. I experimented b4. You can program a bot to do it also. Another method I have seen employed by another forum is having a requirement before you are allowed to upvote(Stack Overflow). I actually brought this up during my last call with the Seedly Tribe outreach thing. It’s really up to Seedly to implement such measures lor. Not sure if they view it as a priority though because it doesn’t affect the quality of content on the rest of their site.

Meanwhile, just unfollow the question by clicking the Follow button beneath and question and forget about it.

I think after the commencement (and completion) of two of my referral programs at my end (MCO Visa Card, Singlife Referral Program), I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and state my position on this matter. It doesn't matter how y'all will judge me after this (since I also do this, but sparingly), but you will understand the rationale behind this.

To start out from your points, yes, coming from someone who regularly uses the Promo Codes section, you are correct that fake accounts are often used to help boost a user's answer in a referral post like this. Upvotes are created within a few minutes to help boost a user's comment to help bring them up to the "Most Upvoted", and they often come up with inciting pictures or illustrations to encourage you to sign up using their referral codes. Some of my upvotes came from family, friends and those who have referred using my code, but you are correct that some of these upvotes are illegitimate in the sense that they came from new "spam" accounts.

To show you how really easy it is to literally create spam accounts to upvote yourself, take a look at this screenshot I've taken:

Shocking, I know; seeing usernames like d26r576...woej2d being counted as a legitimate upvote for my comment. However, you will need to understand the rationale on why people do this: they don't do it for fun or popularity. In fact, it is incredibly profitable for individuals like me to invest an hour or two to "upvote" ourselves because it can garner around 20 - 60 successful referrals if you are lucky. I won't disclose how many referral bonus I have managed to collect as a result of my two campaigns, but you can understand that it is nearing S$1.5K, just from a mere hour or two investment into this game.

The thing about this is that because it is so damn profitable for individuals like me with a low bar of entry, anyone (and literally everyone) can upvote themselves and get as many referrals as they can from this method. Seedly doesn't make it better, knowing that a quick Google search of "XXX referral code" puts Seedly right up at the top three of a Google search. Anybody with a basic comprehension on how to Internet can literally sign up with my code, and I get my share as a result of this unregulated practice.

I understand where you are coming from and I do agree with what's going on in the Promo Codes Section in Seedly. The culture here, once that was being cooperative and helpful, became something vile and greedy only at the expense of legitimate users like y'all. The only way you can combat against this under these current practice is that A) you fight fire with fire; or B) quietly accept the outcome and receive no referrals from this. It is a difficult choice to make, and it will come at the expenses of both of y'all looking like clowns. You must remember that referees only look at the first few answers in a Seedly post, and disregard the rest; that's basic human psychology.

You also need to remember that the moderators and higher management of Seedly has stated their piece on the matter of referral codes here in Seedly: they don't think its damaging enough, since everyone benefits. I think you should be aware of how things run about here since previous users like you have expressed their complaints about "referral code spammers" too, but that the moderation team have always taken a naunced approach to this incident. After all, this is an online forum which all of us use.

As for me? The reason why I am doing this is simple: I don't like how the culture of Promo Codes section is heading towards. This is a money game exploited by a few individuals who see through the loopholes, and I have seen some gnarly Internet users out here "doxxing" those who falsely spam their referral codes everywhere. The moderators here are quick to shut this down for sure, but if things continue, it may continue towards a worrying trend of "personal information" which may entail intervention from higher management.

As such, I can only propose two measures for y'all. They are:

1.. Remove the upvote button in Seedly Promo Codes, or break the algorithm.

The obvious solution, and the most clean-cut and efficient one out there. Disable upvoting for all comments within the Promo Codes, and let everyone have a fair chance in choosing what kind of promo codes that they want to support. It's not going to be easy for sure since it entails some maintenance and all, but by doing away with the upvotes - you will kill this competition to the gut and break this problem straight on.

2.. If not, support referral codes that are advantageous to you

As a referrer, it is often disheartening to see referrers who don't play by the books and upvote hundreds of times in Seedly. But you know what they don't realize? Give a small portion of your referral bonus, and every single referees will flock to you immediately. For referees, they may read the first few posts, but they will find the best deal for themselves and they are more than happy to use your code ( + a few dollars from you ) compared to some guy who upvoted against you to infinity. People do read and exploit, you just need to be smart on how you play your books. As for me, I do use the same practices, but I always made a point to reward my referees for taking the time and effort to use my code. :)

I'm just sharing these now because I think I had a good run with Seedly while playing with this referral system. It's really profitable for me, but now that both of my referral programs have closed down and that I am not enticed to do a Google Referral Program (like, S$5 referral bonus if you send S$10 to your friends; why not do with your friends instead of with an internet stranger??), I think it will be a long shot before I come back here again to play the referral system again. Until then, I will be busy eyeing for good and easy referral programs out there. :)​​​

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Hi Min, yes agree. There have been plagarism going on too, as you have spotted. Other than that, des...

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