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29 Jun 2021


What if side hustle is not a thing for me?

Lately there has been so much emphasis on having side hustles like its a do-and-you-will-succeed-in-life otherwise you die. No doubt it is good but what if i just have a stable job and i do investments. Can that be counted if i do not want to side hustle?

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What are your thoughts?

Hi Anon, don't be too hard on yourself. Start by equiping yourself with investment knowledge, do not invest in more than you can afford to lose. Continue to work hard at your job and who knows, when the next stage of your life come, you might have the opportunity to do a side hustle then... Never keep learning!

Absolutely. Your situation is different so you do not need to follow what others preach. Also if you do a side hustle, you should be able to manage your tmime and energy. So since you are not doing a hustle, you essentially have time - to do your thing - like investing.

It's your choice after all. You choose how to spend time. Most importantly, you must be happy with your life. Focus will lead one to success eventually.

Side hustles are alternative ways of earning income, so I would say investing counts.

BUT I would add the caveat that you should be developing additional skills that may not be related directly to your job. This is so that in the event your industry goes belly-up, you can side-step into another area of work.


Herwan Shah

26 Jun 2021

Level 3·IT Business Analyst at Tech

A late answer to this. I want to look at this differently.

Firstly I would like to address what yo...

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