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8d ago

What do you think of my so call portfolio diversification for a newbie?

Hi All, for the few months, I've been reading up retirement+investment, attened free webinars and read up countless articles and opinions from Seedly. Based on those, I design my own retirement/investing path and try to diversify my balance cash. This is after essential household spending (incl insurances) and 1yrs emergency funds. I’ve also saved 100K cash to prepare for resale flat purchase as a single, I have been sitting on it for so long (prices are so high, how? ☹).

600 – NTUC Endowment (10 years policy, paid 2 yr premium)

350 – AXA Wealth Accelerator (15 years policy start few years ago. Now then I realized the fees are insane but I think I should continue with it?)

584 – SA+MA Top up

730 – Monthly pay deduction to buy US employer’s shares (this has been ongoing for 2 years+ hence currently form the biggest % of my investment)

730 – Endows 100% equities (it is a funny amount but to match the above, just started 2 months ago)

700 – Balance (I intend to DYI ETF via Interactive Broker, looking to get CSPX as a start)

Previously I bought a 2 decades policy term retirement plan (10K/yr). Committed 1st year premium. Now I realise this stretches too long for me and robo/diy would have worked better so I am going to painfully forgo it ☹.

What do you think of my so call portfolio diversification for a newbie? TIA


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    6d ago

    Level 10·Life Alchemist at School of Hard Knocks

    Since you've already started on NTUC Endowment and AXA Wealth Accelerator, please just continue until maturity, or till breakeven.

    As for the 2 decades policy term retirement plan, $10K/yr is quite hefty ($833/mth). Is it a pay-for-20-years-and-no-payment-for-the-rest type of policy? If it is, then I'd think just hold. Otherwise, it looks rather expensive...

    For MA top up, once you hit the BHS for MA which is $63,000, the excess will flow to SA.

    If your US employer is fundamentally strong e.g. MSFT (this elephant can go about 2 years without any customers and they will still survive), then it's OK to buy the shares. If it's not, I'd suggest not to put all eggs into one basket.

    How we get income:

    1) Earnings (e.g. salary, business)

    2) Portfolio (e.g. stocks / crypto investment)

    3) Cashflows (e.g. property/art piece rental income / options trading)

    Now your earnings & portfolio overlap.

    I don't have knowledge in the ETF space, so maybe this could help better in your decision-making: https://theinvestquest.com/ultimate-stock-etf-l...

    Above something to think about.




      You have a "busy" portfolio.

      The main point of investing is achieve your goal, at a reasonable risk.

      Are the expected returns (approximately) able to help achieve what you want, at a set amount of period?

      Although , in my opinon,i think insurance investment related plans are 🤔. But if it helps why not.




        I am new to investment too. But personally, I think it would be best to understand your goals/target...

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