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07 Jun 2019


What do you spend your money on that most people would say is "not worth the money"?

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HC Tang

HC Tang

07 Jun 2019

Level 13·Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society


Due to working in tech line and it provides more of our daily services such as information , research, transport information, contact and communications, reminders, planners, capturing moments, photograhy, social and contact with SB and Seedly etcs.. learnings etc.

I also got it with subsidized rate, so I won't be overspending to much that does not justify for the cost of the above purposes.

However, it is truly "not worth the $" for some due to lessor usage / purposes.

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Ashley Wong

Ashley Wong

28 Jan 2019

Level 6·Financial Assistant at Multi Management & Future Solutions

I think it is a natural tendency for people to be against anything which isn't affordable to them. I am writing it as per my own experience. For me, I have seen people saying "not worth the money" in cases where I plan to buy something expensive esepcially mobile phones. I am generally advised to stick to budget phones rather than high end premium handsets.

Pc games, pc hardware....

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