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11 Apr 2024


What do you do when you retire? Where to find new friends?

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Volunteering is a good way to spend your time meaningfully. I have met some nice people who have been volunteering for a while even when they are still actively working. And then they transition to semi retirement and become more active in their volunteering roles. The community allows you to continue to feel useful and make new friends young and old. Your horizon is widened from friendships with people decades younger or older than you, from all walks of life. You feel determined to help another individual and community. And your years of experience whether in the corporate world or retail or hospitality or service, any kind of industry is very valuable in the social service sector. You can support many social service agencies by giving your time and talent. This is a really good way to make friends and be a part of a community. Some people find healing through giving because when you focus on helping others, you become stronger.

How about just living out your life the way you wanted.

Go join RC or community club and make new friends...

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