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16 May 2022


Credit Cards

What credit card strategy do you use for 2022?

Hey guys, just curious to hear what package of credit card(s) you use on a daily basis and what you use them for?

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As of now, i'm using UOB Absolute card (Amex) and then top up Grab pay wallet. From Grab Pay Master card, i make most of the expenses.

Leong Wen Fong

17 May 2022

Commercial Ops at Aspire

I split my spend into 2 credit cards - "main spend", and everything else. When the pandemic started, most of my expenditure were for online stuff - including grab and foodpanda. Hence I got the Citirewards card - this gave me 4 mile/dollar for online and fashion spend, up to $1000. Then I got a Stanchart Unlimited Cashback Card with 1.5% cashback for all spend - for everything else.


Both of these cards have no minimum spend.


In summary, my strategy is not to have too many cards, but just maximise 2 of them (maybe 3 max)

I split them into


1: Category that I spend the most on

  • Can have a minimum spend (that I can easily hit)
  • Best to be miles because I do like to travel

2: All other spend

  • Must not have min. spend
  • Lesser benefits than my main card, but more to just make sure I still have some sort of incentives from the card

I don't see my split of online and everything else changing any time soon, but an alternative would probably be that my main card will be on food rather than online spend.


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