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18 Apr 2019


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What avenues are good places to start obtaining financial knowledge and news, and how should I about doing so?

I'm a relatively new person to investing - basically not much knowledge on anything but I really want to get into learning a little by little every day. Where can I find these info about company's, how to value to them etc? and are there any tips and tricks to always be easily be on top of financial news?

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Hi, I think a great way for you to start is to begin visiting websites such as the Motley Fool, Dollars and Sense, for a more beginner friendly and retail investor way to learning more about the different types of asset classes and tips and tricks that retail investors (which are in simple terms something like small time individual investors like you and me) should find much more personally appealing and curious about, especially with regards to how to invest in Singapore's bond and equities market, REITs, etc.

Investopedia for greater amounts of information regarding the financial markets and how valuations and various analysis techniques work. They have a vast amount of information regarding almost everything under the sun about investing and financial know how, so I highly suggest that you pay a visit to this website if you do not understand any particular financial jargon that you may find in financial news outlets like bloomberg news or the Wall Street Journal.

My method of keeping up with financial news, other than having the Bloomberg App on my phone, is to actually have a news filtering website tab that automatically opens when you bring up your web browser. Currently I am using Feedly, which allows you to choose particular news websites and organize them into various categories, and allow you to read quick - bite sized headlines and provide their relevant links. You basically can customize your very own news feed wall about financial news, taken from the major financial news outlets! I highly recommend doing so as it will allow you to easily remain on top of current world news, and apply what you have learnt in your financial literacy journey to real life occurences.

All the best!

Motley Fool:https://www.fool.sg/

Dollars and Sense: https://dollarsandsense.sg/

Investopedia: https://www.investopedia.com/

Feedly: https://feedly.com/

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