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16 Feb 2020

General Investing

What are the advantages in investing in luxury watches?


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      Only if you pick the right pieces.

      Additionally, you will be looking out not just for authenticity and craftsmenship, but also demand. Ultimately, if you are looking for watches as an investment, you would be looking for a coveted item that can command high prices from buyers later in the future.


      1. #HIGHSESlife - but seriously though, some people do feel compelled to dress the part especially when doing business. If I wore a watch though, I would just wear one that serves its function, and not wear my investment pieces out.
      1. Family heirloom. Remember the iconic Patek Philippe slogan: 'You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.' A Patek watch does not merely tell time. It’s an heirloom that transfers values across generations.” Ah, the allure of marketing like that.
      1. Diversifying your portfolio. It is important that you conside the demand of it though. So it's important that it's piece that you will enjoy, even if the demand for it goes down.



          Charmaine Ng

          Charmaine Ng

          25 Apr 2019

          Level 9·The Value Maximizer at @ Every Ma La Xiang Guo Stall

          If you are able to keep the watches in a pristine manner and watch out for supply, demand, trend and craftsmanship then yes, the price of the luxury watches you have will help diversify your investment portfolio.

          Supply: Limited pieces are highly sought after; certain collaboration between famous and reclusive artists even more so.

          Demand: Linked with supply, but generally knowing the likes of the collectors helps identifying what models are worth keeping long term for value appreciation.

          Trend: Watches comes with different design face, functionality, materials and for some even the way it is put together is an art. Know what are the kinds that appreciate the value by being the more outstanding and everlasting ones.

          Craftsmanship: craftsmanship is an dying art and one that people do appreciate paying more for it. Look for one that is unique.

          To take note though, certain watches are susceptible to dust and on top of that SG has high humidity. Hence if investing in watches do watch out. Also, being physical commodity take note to keep it somewhere safe.



              Hi there! Watches are a good investment but like investing in alternative investments such as cars, ...

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