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14 Mar 2021



What are some of the best side-hustles in Singapore?

What are some side hustles that Singaporeans can do, so as to increase their overall income? (Apart from tuition)

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Hi Anon,

I use Fiveer and Upwork to take on freelance work. They offer a lot of flexibility as a side hustle and you can choose whether to take on short-term, medium-term or long-term freelance work.

Fiverr offers a whole range of freelance work from graphics and design, digital marketing, video and animation to even programming. You can be someone's virtual assistant (handling spreadsheet, making appointments etc) or even do online tutoring. Whatever your interests or expertise are, there is a high chance that you can find it on Fiverr. Hence, I would highly recommend that you check it out! Upwork is similar but with a greater focus on writing/translation/editing types of freelance work.

Aside from that, I personally use an app called 'Milieu Surveys' where you can do short surveys and accumulate points. Points can be redeemed for: cash (PayNow transfer) or vouchers for supermarkets (Giant, Cold Storage, 7 eleven), Grab Food, Grab Ride and even charities donations! The only catch is you can only do one survey every day instead of multiple surveys at one go.

Edit: I have been told to remove my referral code as this question does not have a 'promo codes' tag. For those interested, please view my referral code here.

Hope this helps! (:​​​

Just Being Ernest

24 Mar 2020

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I did the following in the past and some currently





Flyer boy

You can checkout my youtube here on the 5 Side Income Ideas For 2020


1. Freelance Writing

Easy and low-stress way to earn extra income. You can work anywhere, anyti...

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