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07 Jun 2019



What are some good ways to give allowance to your parents?

Some people mentioned we could top up their CPF to get more tax rebate. Is it a good way to give our parents the allowance? Also would be good to hear more hacks to this

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Kenichi Xi

07 Jun 2019

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Allowance for Parent and Tax Rebate need not be done together.


Usually allowance are for Parents lifestyle expenses.


You can enjoy tax relief of up to $7,000 per calendar year if you make cash top-ups for your parents, parents-in-law, grandparents if your income tax requires you to do so to pay less tax.


Topping up Retirement Account for Parents if the FRS amount is not met is more for their retirement more then for the present usuage.


And the CPF Life withdrawal starts only at age 65, so whats gonna happen to them before that age without your allowances?


Give your parent allowances as usual and try to grow their retirement income with CPF when you can.

Hope my reply helps.

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Gabriel Tham

07 Jun 2019

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Top up MA is good. Because old people tend to use more medical claim. Plus, CPF MA or SA/RA got higher interest rate.


If your parent not in immediate need of money, CPF top up is good.


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Asked my parents if they want me to gave cash or top up CPF. They say cash. The cash helps them deal...

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