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24 Jun 2021


Views on Crypto Bot Algorithm Trading

Been offered a platform to trade on basically it auto trades crypto for you.

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Edwin Koh

24 Jun 2021

Software Engineer Lead at Rhine Digital

I have personally tried only Quadency
Which link your trading API only which it only can buy sell and do not have access to withdraw your funds. This is something I really do like due to that fact that you do not move move your fund to some shady platform as your fund are mainly on major exchange like Binance, kucoin etc
They give 6 month free trial of premium access.
It was amazing as you have free rein of control on how the bot do the trading and the parameters. It been a good ride, trading within the parameter but Hodling the same coin during the period was better.

Another I tried was poloniex, which provide arbitrage between future and spot, make a good profit for about 3 weeks period . It was quite good work for both ways of market. Both are free alternative might want to take a look.

Lin Yun Heng

24 Jun 2021

Senior Analyst at Delphi

Sounds dubious. If there are no additional information or lack transparency, I would stay far away.

Presley Soh

24 Jun 2021

Trader at Octafx

Sounds like a red flag to me, I have been offered a platform that has a robot to trade crypto automa...

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