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19 Nov 2020


Tesla, Square, Illumina. Any other disruptive stocks recommendation?

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Zaid Zed

Zaid Zed

19 Nov 2020

Level 4·Investor/risk management at financial firm


if you are looking at at disruptive stocks, you should look at ARKK ETF. if you look closely at the chief investment officer, mrs cathie wood, she is the one in 2019 who correctly predicted Tesla Bull Case of 2k/share this year 2020 . The fund returns since inception is already 30% PA . they focused primarily on Disruptive innovative companies.


Have a good read. I really hope there are other Singaporeans who know more about this ETF.

For individual stocks, you can consider Sea Limited (SE). Their stock have surged over 880% in the last 18 months, with business segments in e-commerce, logistics, gaming and financial services. They also overtook Alibaba's ecommerce platform Lazada in 2019.

Another stock you can consider is StoneCo (STNE), a Brazil-based payment processing and fintech services company. With roughly 210 million people in Brazil alone, and accelerated transition into digital-based and cashless payments, this stock has huge potential.

For ETFs, you can consider FIVG (5G stocks), ARKK (disruptive innovation) or SKYY (cloud computing). With that said, views expressed are my own and please do your research before buying.​​​

Ow Jie Liang

Ow Jie Liang

09 Aug 2020

Level 8·Student Ambassador 2020/21 at Seedly


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