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23 Dec 2019


(Stock Discussion) NYSE: Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL)?

Discuss anything about Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) share price, dividends, yield, ratios, fundamentals, technical analysis and if you would buy or sell this stock on the SGX Singapore markets. Do take note that the answers given by our members are just your opinions, so please do your own due diligence before making an investment in Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL)

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Jonathan Chia Guangrong

Jonathan Chia Guangrong

23 Dec 2019

Level 12·Cybersecurity Trainee at Bank in blue

Strong branding in the IT arena. From an investor perspective, they have been increasing their dividends over the years with strong operating margins and enough fcf to help cover the dividends. Their latest results had a revenue miss which led to the stock price sinking a fair bit. May be a good chance to go into a position with sell puts after more deep diving into criteria matching.

Oracle provides digital solutions to supply chain management needs. Rather good company because its software is widely used and there is a very low switching out once a company builts its supply chain aroun its program.

Not sure about Oracle Corporation.

But I recalled that previously, Amazon stuck with Oracle for a l...

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