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22 Apr 2020

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SRS for long term horizon: Lion Global Infinity Global Stock vs Lion Global All Seasons Growth; which is better?

Looking for as high a percentage into equities given the long runway (>30 years until retirement age). I know Lion Global Infinity Stock is 100% equities while All Seasons Growth is 70 equities/30 bonds. What are your thoughts on these funds?
Also as a side question, I was considering EndowUs for SRS too but I think if I want 100% equities, it might not be worth it to go with them.
Would like some advice as I'm not sure how else to compare the different funds besides fees.

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What are your thoughts?

For me the two mentioned Lion mutual funds (unit trusts)

are clearly an inferior choice for SRS and also generally,

principally because of their high fees leading to underperformance.

Lion Global Infinity Global Stock Index SGD:

-high initial sales charge up to 2% ("maximum 5%")

-high annual management fee 0.475% ("up to 2% maximum")

-very small fund size (only 64 Mio SGD), prone to early closure

Lion Global All Seasons Fund (Growth) SGD Acc:

-high initial sales charge up to 2% ("maximum 2%")

-currently acceptable, but potentially high annual management fee 0.25475% ("up to 2% maximum")

-very small fund size (only 36 Mio SGD), prone to early closure

To read more on using favorably cheap passive indexing ETFs, that not let You underperform, here is a nice



With Your very longterm horizon 'aggressive' portfolio allocation via stocks and longterm Buy&Hold strategy

seem reasonable.

My private choices would be:

S27 SPDR S&P500 US$ (best stock market in the world, best country index performance)

CLR LION-PHILLIP S-REIT (REIT sector seems a promising strategy for Singapore allocation, as opposed to STI indexing)

Take also look to other asian ETFs on the website below.

Avoid however XT ETF's since they are produced by using SWAP financial intruments, so there is a higher counterparty default

risk with them. The index ETFs should only repoduce their indices 'physically', id.e. by buying real stocks.

Look here for all possible Singapore listed ETFs, and acknowledge particularly the column 'Expense Ratio %'

giving You the annual fee, that should be as low as possible, less than 0.30% is acceptable.


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Sorry for hijacking the thread as I am looking to utilise my SRS funds too but I was just wondering why it is not worth it to go for EndowUS if one wants 100% equity? The fee stays the same, no?

Not a fan of Lion Global funds because their expense ratios are v high. Please consider some low cost equity etfs like VTI or VT instead

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100% equities is good for long term investing. Funds that track indexes are better due to diversification especially for an SRS investment.

In terms of comparing funds you can look at historical fund performance vs the market.

Shengshi Chiam, CFA

Shengshi Chiam, CFA

20 Dec 2019

Level 10·Personal Finance Lead at Endowus

Investing in any diversified low cost option, such as through LionGlobal All Seasons Fund (Growth), ...

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