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Loo Cheng Chuan

Loo Cheng Chuan

07 Nov 2018

Level 9·Founder at 1M65 Movement

It is too blanket a question and it really depends on quite a few factors:

a. Have you at least have a sum catered for the deposit of your HDB flat?

b. Have you catered for 3-6 months of mortage payments for your housing loan (if you dont have enough cash savings for a rainy day)?

b. Have you decided that 1M65 is the way to go for your millionaire dream?

if the answer is yes, I would do it if i were you.

IF you do not intend to use your OA money (eg. for housing), Yes transfer to SA for higher interest rate.

Do u know u can top up your special account with cash to earn tax relief and enjoy the guaranteed 4% rate?

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