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Should I take out my "savings" from my syfe portfolio, if I am planning to buy a house (bto/resale) so that I can pay for the down-payment etc.

I have been DCA-ing 200 SGD monthly for almost 4years now. I initially thought of it as a way for me to save money with better potential returns compared to saving in banks. Risk wasn't that big of a concern as I'm still relatively young and I can just withdraw any amount if and when I need it.

Now that I am going to graduate and might consider getting a house in the next 5years, I am wondering what should I do with my only "savings" in the portfolio.

How should I plan my finances going forward?

Do I split up the 200 SGD into actually savings and investment?

Do I continue what I am doing and take out the money I need when the time arise?

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If you are planning to use your savings from your Syfe portfolio to pay for the down-payment on a house (BTO/resale), means withdrawing funds from your investment portfolio that will impact your long-term financial goals and potential returns. You should assess the potential gains or losses from selling your investments compared to the cost of borrowing for the down-payment.

Do also look into the available grants and options available in the property market as I remember HDB BTO do have option for individual who does not have a job and is applying for BTO.

for a student, investing 200 dollars for 4 years is a very good practice. You take it one step further by setting longer term goals. If you think the current syfe portfolio is not something you want, considering setting up another portfolio with a higher monthly investment amount after you secure a full time job or have a steady income.​

Keep the investment and re-evaluate your budget for other forms of investments.

You could for one, invest in a cash management savings account (think Moomoo Cash Funds, UOB Stash etc) to have a safe cash pile.

Depending on your risk appetite, you may invest a seperate amount into stocks and equities to generate a higher return (though higher risk).

So even if the market looks bad in 5 years time, you still have a steady source of cash savings on you and will not force you to close your positions at a bad timing (e.g. Market is down and you need the money for housing and settling down).

Yuantai Liu

11d ago

Chief Coach at Happy Coach

Keep up the good start!

If you can save 200/month as a student, it is already a good start.

Quick answer to your question: it depends.

Without full context of what your financial situation is (your income and expenses), it is hard to give a comprehensive answer.

There are generally two schools of thought regarding property purchase: pay off as much as you can Vs leverage as much as you can.

Both has pros and cons, and depends on your risk appetite and time horizon.

At your age, I will focus on three things:

  1. Continue to add to your skills, mindset and network so that you can increase your value, and hence your income.
  2. Learn how to invest. Roboadvisors are a good step, but you need to grow in your investing knowledge beyond just robo advisors.
  3. Delayed gratification and financial discipline.



I would recommend to reevaluate your expenses and plan on how much you are going to spend or earn, s...

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