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Edited 11 Apr 2023


[Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2023] Finding the Right HDB Home (Getting Your Non-Metaverse Home)

🔴 Happening on the main stage on 15 April 2023, 2.20pm


  • Jerry Su, Housing & Development Board, Estate Administration & Property Group, Deputy Director (Home Ownership Eligibility Services 2)

Ask your questions anything related to:

- What are the housing options available? Which one best suits your budget and needs?

- How do you maximise the amount of housing grants you can get?

- What are some priority schemes you should take note of?

To view what's happening at the festival, visit https://personal-finance-festival.seedly.sg/

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This sounds like an interesting session backrooms game for anyone looking to purchase an HDB home in Singapore. Jerry Su, as a Deputy Director in the Home Ownership Eligibility Services department at HDB, would be a great speaker to provide insights on the various housing options backrooms available, how to determine which option best fits one's budget and needs, and how to maximize housing grants.

I hope I can afford BTO in the future as a single. The current price is quite unaffordable even for me.

Why HDB refused to refund booking fee when they failed to follow their SOP which resulted buyer have to cancel?

Why have flat sizes become more expensive yet smaller across the years?...

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