facebook[Seedly Community Feedback] We're at our mid-way mark for SeedlyTV S2 and would like to know how we can do better! How do you find this season so far? What would you like to watch next? - Seedly


Clara Ng

Community Manager at Seedly

15 May 2020



[Seedly Community Feedback] We're at our mid-way mark for SeedlyTV S2 and would like to know how we can do better! How do you find this season so far? What would you like to watch next?

Here at Seedly, we're always looking for ways we can improve our user experience and better cater to what the community wants. Share with me your thoughts for SeedlyTV S2! Whether it's the good, or the bad, I'd love to hear from you! We'll take all feedback into consideration during our planning process for the upcoming episodes!

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Yes, I also, like CH, think that 'critical thinking' could be more applied.

I appreciate very much, that on this forum/thread there is so much room

for diverse opinions, that are treated very, very respectful by the community, super.

Maybe however the Seedly team could go a bit more deeper into published evidence (robust major studies in finance) of different investing styles to add more concrete value to the community. Surely there are topics, where nobody can give a truthful definite answer. However I feel there are on particular investment topics (f.ex. short term versus longterm investing; asset classes; average performance of active versus passive investing) quite some interesting publications with empiric data the Seedly community should know better to decide what to do and what not to do. That would be great.​​​

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15 May 2020

Business Analytics Undergrad at NUS

I enjoy the breaking the ice and the various topics covered.

One key suggestion would be that perhaps it can be 1h30m instead of an hour? I think we can see that there's tons of demand and willingness.

For the sake of sustainability, I would also suggest a short 1-3 minute advertisement at the start. As long as it is clear that it is sponsored/an ad, I think viewers will be fine. This will drive revenue and allow Seedly to deliver higher quality episodes!

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It has been insightful, just that probably it's harder to facilitate a conversation with too many participants.

Maybe a segment could be inviting people of different life stages and social strata and interview them on their views of personal finance..or their struggles living with limited income..

A person that is retiring vs person who just starting out vs sandwiched class...


15 May 2020

Blogger at diaperfinancingfund.blogspot.com

Hi there!

i like how the episodes are authentic and how the hosts leave no white elephants/sacred cows in the room. particularly loved how Kenneth asked the founders of robo-advisors about the AUM their platforms are currently handling. or seeing coach Felicia apply her coaching model on Clara on the spot was exciting to watch and illuminating. or watching Alvin and Sudhan share their investment mistakes candidly. great job! keep it real!

for future episodes this season, i thought it might be good to incorporate greater interactivity with the audience listening in. for instance, using Mentimeter as a tool to conduct instant polls and discuss the results on the spot. We could even have a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure kinda theme and have the direction of the webinar shift according to what the audience prefers most.

for other seasons, what i will really love to watch is a localised version of CNBC Millennial Money. It doesn't have to be a millennial, but i will really love to watch how fellow Singaporeans are spending/saving/investing/donating based on their incomes. here's a sample episode of Millennial Money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiog3y7LeiY

my 2 cents' worth :)

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I would like to see users criticisms of:

robo advisors, insurance, brokers, investment courses, cus...

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