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19 Jan 2020



Recommendations on portfolio tracker?

Do you have any recommendation on any portfolio tracker excel template or app? Preferably free!

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Just use your brokerage platform. It already listed all your trades, losses and profit. They should allow you to export over to excel if necessary.

Yahoo Finance - Free, comprehensive information on instruments, and let's you change the currency you view it in, create multiple sub portfolios and shows payout info.

Folks have recommended stocks cafe which is decent but the free tier only allows a fixed number of holdings beyond which the fee is 39/year


15 Jan 2020

Development & Acquisitions Manager at Real Estate Private Equity

stocks.cafe automatically tracks your dividend payout too! Really smart platform, however, to operate such a smart platform one is required to pay fees. That being said, there is a free trial you could try before committing!

Alternatively, you could use the free one's on Bloomberg, CNBC, and investing.com (one of the most exhaustive finance app there is with various asset classes on it!)

I also chanced upon simplywall.st and really enjoy the interface, very visually-appealing. However, it tracks a limited number of stocks and would require you to pay should you have more stocks to track.

I second stocks cafe. The data I can gather from it becomes essentially part of my own financial tracking process (which is still mainly excel).

Bjorn Ng

15 Jan 2020

Business Analyst at 10x Capital

Hey there, you can try using investing.com app, or at least for Android, there is this My Stocks Por...

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