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Preferred options trading platform

Hi everyone, what is your preferred platform for trading options? Please share your pros and cons. Considering Webull/Moomoo/Tiger as a beginner here.

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It depends on what matters to you. Personally I prefer WeBull as there is no platform fee for certain stocks such as those from US and Hong Kong. And the minimum amount is generally lesser as compared to those from Tiger and Moomoo. Of course though, I recommend to do your research before starting your investment journey. You might find the table here useful if cost is something that is important to you, as it breaks down the comparision of the platform costs at a glance. For beginners, many of my friends use Tiger Brokers as there is a variety of selection of trading options and I heard that the user interface is easy to use as well. If investing in global markets is important to you, Tiger might be a good choice.

Syfe free two-six US trades every month

I heard IBKR has cheaper fees for US options.

I will choose usmart as it is more user friendly with an interface that is great for beginners, whil...

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