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Portfolio review: I'm a new (and rather passive) investor, and I would like to hear some thoughts about my current portfolio. 26, 3k salary (before cpf), has a house coming in 5 years.

What i currently have in my portfolio:

  • Stashaway 22% risk. Currently $3.8k inside, depositing $200 every month
  • DBS digiportfolio level 3 risk. $5k SGD inside, depositing $300 every month
  • Own 7 lots of parkway life reit (C2PU), investment amount was $2900-ish
  • Own 20 lots of frenken (E28), investment amount was $5k
  • Free apple stock from moomoo
  • AIA smart wealth builder endowment plan. ($3600 yearly, for 10 years)

I would say that my immediate goal is to be able to pay off the house comfortably, as I need to fork out 40k when the house is ready. (was not able to get additional grants).

How can I improve my portfolio?

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Sabrina Wong

Sabrina Wong

30 Nov 2021

Communications at University at Buffalo

Would you be keen to explore alternative investment options such as gold? I found investing in gold super interesting particularly as I want my money to grow but without the volatility that comes with investing in high risk options with the added advantage of liquidity for when I need cash. Based on my research, gold had an average annual returns of 10.61% between January 1971 to December 2019, which shows why having some amount of gold in ones's portfolio makes sense. It's certainly more return than what you would get in your bank account!

Overall Hugo Save suits my needs as a beginner - there is no minimum balance requirement, penalties or paid fees for maintaining a Hugo Account and you can invest in gold for as low as $0.01 and for as long as you want to. The gold in the Hugo Gold Vault is physical gold allocated to the user and is safe.

If you are looking for a second opinion of your current portfolio, I believe the comments provided are great.

However, if you are not confident of reaching your goal with your current arrangement, some of the alternative passive investment methods not mentioned in this thread includes option trading, crypto staking and/or lending, crypto trading bot and using FX copytrading services, all of which i used with varying level of success. Each method comes with their own set of risks and may/may not be suitable for your risk appetite

If you need more info, you can ping a message.

I do agree with the comments here. SG market always go sideway. I have moved my funds from SG to US. It depends on your risk appetitie as well.

First of, congrats for starting your invest journey that young and also hom ownership to come.

I also find your investments quite all around the shop so perhaps to consider this mnemonic: RRTTLLU








Once you are aware then the portfolio can be weighted along with foundations of CPF/SRS national schemes or even Alt-investments.

Looks like you already have about 20.4k

if you shift everything to

VOO and apple- 15k and 5k res...

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