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Joey Koh

Joey Koh

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23 Nov 2021


Long-term thinking > short-term thinking. In stocks and in life, always.

My portfolio. Down bad. In Spain without the S. lol kidding. Stock markets are a roller coaster ride, especially if you’re on non-blue chip stocks.

Essentially it takes lesser money for the stock to move a certain %. Times like these, it’s best that you understand why you hold the names you hold. We invest for the long term and let compound interest (8th wonder of the world) do the work.

Short term there’s a lot of volatility that most investors don’t need to worry about (aka noise like this pic). Long term you need to see whether the business lives up to your expectations or not via business performance, market share. I do this transparently by reviewing my companies' earnings every quarter by reading their earnings call transcript and evaluating their growth metrics against my expectations.

https://joeykokbin.com/growth-stocks. Even if you're a semi-passive investors, the least you should do for stock picking is to examine the relevant metrics every quarter to assess evidence of execution.

Btw, if you’re emotionally affected by stock market drawdowns like this pic, it may be a sign you’re overly exposed to it or that you don’t really know what you’re holding (no conviction).

Cheers and always think long term.


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Fluctuation is part of investing. As your portfolio grow. 1% deviation can be few thousand dollar.... already numb, still adding BABA, just trust the process. Overall still green, is important to be diversify, even if stock pick.


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