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Is there really a need to have so called "market rate" for wedding banquet ang bao?

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Yes, it does helping when you dont know how much to give.

Having a market rate kind of establishes a threshold such that the couple will not lose money. This is for reference and good to know guide.

Weddings are expensive, and its some sort of "tradition" for singaporean couples. If you are a true friend and wanted to show your blessings, the simplest way is to help out with the cost of such weddings. Looking at market rates will help to make sure you cover their base cost at the very least. If you find that its really too expensive for you (especially if you are not really close enough as a friend), then kindly reject the invitation citing clash of dates. Do not turn up and pay below market rates.

Wedding is a happy occasion to celebrate a couple's union. However, more often than not, wedding dinner is used as a vehicle for guests to foot the bill and cover their honeymoon expenses.

If really sincere in making the wedding a memorable occasion, simply invite relatives and close friends to the celebratory dinner at no cost; with gift for colleagues after the honeymoon. Everyone will surely be happy at the couple's generosity.


03 Feb 2023

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Will be good to give market rate if one is close to the couple as I would think that is the reason w...

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