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23 Nov 2021


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Is Sea Group still a buy? Anyone has comments or analysis to share?

I feel bullish abt it, wanted to hear other views too. Thanks!

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The Growth Hunter

The Growth Hunter

01 Dec 2021

Level 5Β·Home-based Trader at https://t.me/the_growth_hunter

Remember this, "The trend is your friend"


Don't fight the market. It seems like there is a change in momentum with a downtrend and it seems like there is some distribution going on from what I am gathering.


Ultimately, always have a strategy that entails your buy rules, sell rules and holding rules. Having those will ensure that you have a consistent and sustainable process that will allow you to profit from the market for life.

Strong guidance yet market is selling off. Probably a good chance to Load up on weakness since fundamental is still strong on this one

Adrian Goh Jun Wei

Adrian Goh Jun Wei

26 Nov 2021

Level 6Β·Product at Nodeflair

If you look at the current business strategies of Shopee alone, you can see that the growth is unlik...

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