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Sara H

Sara H

Level 2

15 Mar 2021


Is it a good time to start investing in SIA and Hilton shares ?

I see the prices are low.
I’ve never bought shares before, appreciate for any advise.
Thank you

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What are your thoughts?

Dont think SIA is an good investment.
Hilton (HLT) now abit far from moving average. Shld wait for it to drop abit.

Just curious. Why these 2 companies?



15 Mar 2021

Level 12·Noob at Idiots Invest

If you've never bought shares of a company before, don't start now. You're better off buying the entire market and riding on the 5% tail events that pull the entire market up along with it.

The majority of a given stock market's performance is usually contributed by a minority of "winners". With proper understanding and study, people could identify great businesses that do well in the stock market. But don't underestimate the role of luck in everything we do either. You can sometimes do everything right and still end up on the losing end.

You might want to check out this IG page I designed for beginners like us. I've laid out a bunch of frameworks I've found helpful in understanding personal finance and investing, won't take you 15 minutes to read through the posts.

Market timing never works. Look at their fundamental instead....

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