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          20 Jan 2020



          (IPO Discussion): Elite Commercial REIT IPO ?

          Discuss anything about the latest up and coming IPO! From share price, dividends, yield, ratios, fundamentals, technical analysis and if you would buy or sell this stock on the SGX Singapore markets. Do take note that the answers given by our members are just your opinions, so please do your own due diligence before making an investment!


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              What are your thoughts?

              Looking at the summarized article by Seedly now! For those who are keen: https://blog.seedly.sg/elite-commercial-reit-ipo/

              Pretty solid WALE, full 100% occupancy and low gearing ratio. Might be the first stock in SGX trading in Pound denomination. They own about 97 commercial properties of office assets, and most are leased to the UK government, so there is some sort of concentration risk there.

              My two cents worth - I am not very comfortable investing in overseas REITs mainly because of a few reasons: 1) I don't know the economy outlook there, can't "physically" be there to see the assets (though we can debate what can you see about office assets). 2) Currency fluctuations. 3) Office REITs are technically cyclical by nature.

              Right now there isn't any info about the dividend yield yet, so depending on it, one might assess the level of risks he/she is willing to take before investing in it.​​​





                      What is the price to book ratio for this reit?...

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