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01 Jun 2019

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Investing into Irish-domiciled S&P 500 ETF?

I am already vested in US-domiciled etfs (VTI, VGK, VPL, VWO) via Autowealth. I am now also looking into manually invest into Irish-domiciled etf to reduce the withholding tax from 30% to 15%. I am looking at the S&P 500 index, and some recommended the CSPX fund by iShares which is also an accumulating fund. Any other irish-domiciled etfs that tracked the S&P 500 worth considering? In addition, any things to keep in mind when buying Irish-domiciled etf? many thanks :)

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Nicholes Wong

Nicholes Wong

22 Mar 2019

Level 10·Diploma in Business Management at Nanyang Polytechnic

VUSD is another one you can consider but its not accumulating etf.

Gabriel Tham

Gabriel Tham

21 Mar 2019

Level 14·Tag Team Member at Kenichi Tag Team

I believe ishares or vanguard will offer one of the lowest expense ratios already. These 2 giants are the biggest and competing directly with each other for etf investors.

Personally, I prefer all-world etf. US still a big portion of the world etf but in the case that US falls off, at least the etf would balance into other countries.

You can check out VUSD. There's a guide on this here: https://financialhorse.com/withholding-tax/...

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