facebookIf you have $30,000 now, and plan to save/invest $1000 more every month, how would you diversify your investments and savings? I have some plan on it, but want to know what everyone thinks!? - Seedly



05 Mar 2020


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If you have $30,000 now, and plan to save/invest $1000 more every month, how would you diversify your investments and savings? I have some plan on it, but want to know what everyone thinks!?

I plan to put $20k in savings account (multiplier), and transfer $10k to SSB when better rates come out, $5k into S&P 500, and another $5k into stocks and P2P lending platforms (just a small amount). Most of what I save month-on-month will be put into the savings account or the ETF.

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Excellent idea to invest regularly.

maybe first set up an emergency fund.

the regular new cash flow of superb 1000 SGD/month You could into global and U.S. passive indexing ETFs, and partially also into Lion-Phillip S-REIT ETF because it is the most Singpore focussed with it's investments (even that one not 100% Singapore), decent more than 4% dividend yields, currently. Just my private opinions.

You can keep it in a high savings account till your stocks have reached a reasonable price and buy it at one shot. This can save you brokerage fees over the long run.

Eric Chia

17 Jul 2019

Senior Financial Consultant at Prudential

Note: Since this is a conditional question, I'll answer it conditional manner

I consider myself a highest risk profile person, and savvy in investments but the only savings I have is this $30k in my bank account and extra $1k that I'll set aside every month from now on until I retire.

I spend $2k every month, single but attached, planning to get married next year and my wife to be and myself love children. We're planning to have 3.

Because I have short term goals coming up (getting married and planning to have children), the $30k I'll leave it in my UOB One Account. Also I spend $500 monthly on credit cards, so UOB One is a perfect fit, no need to stretch my spending to earn the interest.

$30k isn't enough to get married and have kids, so the balance $1k I have every month I'll put half of it back into my UOB One account. Because I already have my insurance in place, I do not need to worry about losing this money in the event I get into an accident or fall sick seriously. Being high risk doesn't mean you should take unnecessary risks.

Since I'm of the highest risk profile, savvy in investments and enjoy trading, the balance of money I'll split 80% into FOREX and 20% into a decent insurance savings plan. This is because I still want to outsource the risk of investing and have some guarantees on my wealth building plans. Being high risk doesn't mean you have to be foolish.

Gains that I take from FOREX will be channelled into long term value investing in shares on an annual basis. This is to lock up my profits from FOREX and generate some side income as I leave money in shares to work for me. Being high risk now doesn't mean you'll stay so forever. We'll all grow old and want to have guarantees on our wealth the older we become.

If it were up to me, I'll put aside the 6 months' worth of emergency savings first. Rest I'll pump into overseas brokerage and repeatedly chug out sell to open option positions on stocks for 60%pa. Risk is there but can be managed if you know how. Constantly add to account every month.

I will not consider S&P500 now as it is at an all time high. May not be able to go much higher for now. I'll skip the p2p as well as there is a risk of default and the returns simply do not interest me.

Sounds like an extremely conservative plan - not a bad thing when the markets are running on fumes a...

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