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08 Jun 2020

General Investing

I would like to start investing but am new to it, any suggestions where to learn?

I've never done any investments before and don't really have much investing knowledge. What should I do and where do I begin?

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Albert Tan

Albert Tan

05 Aug 2019

Level 9·Solutions & Financial Literacy at MoneyOwl

Hi Anon,

The Seedly community is filled with plenty of information for the uninitiated. I'm sure you can find most information you require regarding investments.

First you need to ask yourself what is the objective of you investing. Most likely, it is to address the impact of insufficient returns as you are building your current asset to a bigger future asset for your personal financial goals.

Thereafter you'll need to align your need (based on your objective above), ability, and willingness to take risk. There are many investment instruments available in the market. It's about finding the right instrument which is aligned to your personal objectives for a positive investing experience.

https://advice.moneyowl.com.sg/investment might be a good place for you to learn more about a way of investing which is more likely to be suitable for most people like yourself.

Depending on which field you understand,
Example if you worked in the technology field you understand how it operate, you can search for companies to invest in.
Or you're lazy index funds, etf, bonds.
If you want something new, Cryptocurrency.
Google your questions, I started off in the cryptospace 2017 Oct without any mentor nor guidance, I just googled my way and learn. How am I able to do it? It's passion and interest.
Whatever you're thinking to pick up and understand / learn first you must have a passion and interest for it.
Also a tip, never invest into something you do not understand, eventually you will lose your money. Don't listen to anyone telling you to buy this stock or that crypto, always do your own research and due diligence before you put any money.



17 Apr 2020

Level 10·Head of Content Strategy at MoneyWiseSmart

Hi anon, firstly congrats on wanting to learn about investing!

You can learn about investing in st...

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