facebookI started investing w STI-ETF since 2015, $100/mth but recently stopped investing. I've invested in total $7.8k but its current val is at $6092.07.? - Seedly



11 Oct 2020

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I started investing w STI-ETF since 2015, $100/mth but recently stopped investing. I've invested in total $7.8k but its current val is at $6092.07.?

Should i withdraw my entire investment and move it elsewhere where i can earn back my loss ( & gain) since there's not much "hope" in the s'pore market , or should i just leave it there? any suggestions where else i can put this $ to work?

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29 Sep 2020

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I sold mine at a 20% loss (few thousands) and never felt better. 😁

My broker probably thought I'm crazy when I called them with that chirpy voice to take out all my money from the account, because they reminded me that there will be a loss.

If you take out, you must know where your money can work harder than at STI-ETF.

If you have no clue, then there are two options: 1) the easy way out is to sit on it, do nothing and ride this out for a few years, 2) the more challenging route is to learn how you can do better.

I see my money as changing "jobs"/"companies" where it works at. I want to do better. That's just me.

Which one will you choose?

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It actually does not matter how your investment has performed since you first invested. That's history. What matters now is the future. The Straits Times Index has about 38% weightage to the 3 banks. Add in Singtel and Jardine and that's almost 50% invested in these 5 stocks. There are zero technology companies in the index and it is dominated by financials and real estate companies. Key question to ask yourself is whether these sectors will be the growth sectors of the future? Are Singapore companies able to compete globally or will they just be champions in their own tiny backyards?

The next question to ask yourself is whether there are better investment opportunities in other markets. Are there global companies with outstanding products and services that you use regularly? Do they have excellent and proven business leaders with support from experienced board of directors? Do they have good corporate governance with shareholder friendly practices that focus on increasing dividends per share and earnings per share?

There are many global companies that fit the criteria above. However, I think there are hardly any Singapore companies that fit the bill.

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Ow Jie Liang

Ow Jie Liang

29 Sep 2020

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Sharing my own personal opinion here, please do your own due dilligence and please understand that t...

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