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18 Jan 2023



I'm in uni, and I started to have way more ambitions, like starting my start-up.

My friends are not very supportive. All they want to do is party/complain. Should I stop hanging out with them? They are my close friends, and we used to hang out almost daily. Now I often attend talks and seminars, and they keep complaining that I don't hang out with them anymore

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You know what you want best. if you still enjoy your time with them, you can reduce the frequency of hanging out with them.

Not very supportive, party/complain, keep complaining...

hahaha, actually u have the answer already. just that no ned to cut them off completely but join them when it is time for fun, find others who share similar goals to build the dreams together.


Choose your friends wisely. Show me your friends I show you your future. We need good quality of friends instead quantity. Good quality of friends will support your decision no matter what and when you are not doing well, good quality friends will stay at your side n support u, listen to u wholeheartedly.


You need to listen to your inner world of your own voice not outside voice.


We want and need a friend that facilitate your development, challenge your perspective in a good way, can learn something from them, bring out the best in u, empower u, support you in your ambition endeavour genuinely, no envy or jealous that's the friend we want n need.


In life, if don't have good quality friends, life would be miserable.

I'd say to hang out less and focus more of your energy on your goals. No need to cut them off comple...

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