facebookI’m a recent graduate of a local Uni, and while my pay isn’t as high, I would like to get some advice on how to structure a portfolio for such as bank accounts, investments etc. to get dividends? - Seedly



          02 Feb 2020


          I’m a recent graduate of a local Uni, and while my pay isn’t as high, I would like to get some advice on how to structure a portfolio for such as bank accounts, investments etc. to get dividends?

          Targeting the passive income/dividends. I’m 25 this year. Can someone give me a brief idea of where to go or where I can go to get detailed info, or recommend any experts to talk to? No “financial advisors” agents please.


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              Luke Ho

              Luke Ho

              07 Jun 2019

              Level 10·Kick-Ass Financial Services Consultant at Trillion Financial Planners

              Wow. What do you have against Financial Advisors? It's literally my job to be an expert on the entire subject.

              Meh well..

              Bank Account: DBS Multiplier and UOB One is suitable for getting your salary, higher interest and convenience. Your emergency fund, which you can get used to keeping with your low pay as a painful habit, will help you maintain the criteria. Estimated additional interest is almost 30 times a standard savings account.

              Passive income/dividends

              Passive Dividends: Typically people turn to dividend yielding stocks, bond/bond fund coupons and REITs. For diversification, you probably want a combination of all three. Most fund houses will provide funds that provide this for you easily, but you can manually do it yourself if you are the type that enjoys picking out things individually. Do keep track of your spread costs. You should typically aim anywhere from 5 - 10% a year in dividends, assuming that's what you want.

              Should you even though?: There are very few scenarios where your small capital and even small dividends are going to amount to anything particularly significant. You may want to consider options where you grow or reinvest that money instead.

              If you are largely into dividends, like Kevin O Leary, just ensure that profits aren't taken out of the NAV. There are a variety of funds that do this specifically or take measures to do this, by taking advantage of currency differences for example.

              My overall portfolio did 32.7% on every dollar I invested last year, so if you change your mind on the Financial Advisor thing, you can always drop me a message.




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                  Arpita Mukherjee

                  Arpita Mukherjee

                  31 Oct 2019

                  Level 8·Community Evangelist at Kristal.AI

                  Hi Anon,

                  Building a successful portfolio requires a lot of thinking through and you must analyse each and every one of your investments rigorously before you start investing. As someone new to investing, you might find this process daunting, which is why it is more beneficial to build your investment portfolio slowly over time, rather than rushing into making a ton of investments quickly. Allow yourself the time and space to grow and learn before diversifying or rebalancing anything. Of course, if your advisor tells you to do something specific, you should certainly take that into consideration too!

                  Here's something more elaborate.

                  I work at kristal.AI, and my mojo is to help people make the right financial decisions.

                  If you think I helped you, do give me "Thumbs up". If you think my response was biased let me know, I will work on it.



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