facebookI had recently inherited $14.7 million (after conversion from GBP). I have no parents nor guardian since 1.5 years ago which is why I don't have anyone to talk to when it comes to finances. Any investment advice? - Seedly



04 Jun 2020


I had recently inherited $14.7 million (after conversion from GBP). I have no parents nor guardian since 1.5 years ago which is why I don't have anyone to talk to when it comes to finances. Any investment advice?

I would like to gain some knowledge with regards to how I can invest without any risks involved. I'm a first year medical student and finance/investments aren't my forte so I hope you can excuse my newbie question. I do have a Singaporean uncle here in this country but I'm not close with him at all. I have read about investor's risk profile and I would say that I am very conservative, too conservative that I am not willing to take any risk. I've seen investment options that have high, moderate and low risks but nothing that says no risk. I have a minimalist lifestyle (eats in hawker centres, stays in school dorm, instant noodles, travels via metro) and am not looking to get rich as I am perfectly fine with extremely low rates of returns as long as it is higher than the HSBC Premier Savings Account I have right now which earns 0.1% interest rate. Would appreciate any feedback given. Thank you so much ^_^

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Ouch, respect

You could do it all by Yourself, mostly with passive indexing ETFs,

but the sum is so high, that I feel You better discuss all details of

optimum strategy with a fee based independent financial adviser.

Never buy (or let buy) mutual funds/unit trusts b/o underperformance and higher fees.

Maybe Stock ETFs, REIT-ETFs, physical gold and property would be the best asset allocation in Your case.

Kenichi Xi

Kenichi Xi

04 Dec 2019

nᴉʍ oʇ dǝnᴉʇsǝd 不能说的秘密 at Tag Team with Gabriel Tham

To play it smart with SDIC, become a privilege/premier/HNW account that allows you to

  1. Lounge with wine (be nice like me ya?)
  2. collect umbrellas on rainy day =p (ooppss...only if really need, i give many umbrella to elderly le)
  3. get special FD rates and for your case you can use the stagger FD rate method that provides you income month after 12months

Remember I mentioned SDIC?

Each Bank account will secured you a $50k protection so in a way your money will not be defaulted to Zero from the Premier Amount you deposited.

In a way, the more bank account you have in SG covered by SDIC, you get a certain amount of protection.

Hope my reply helps.

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Thank you.

TBH, once you have that amount of money, you can be sure that said wealth managers will be able to find you and offer their services. I only have a tiny sliver of $14.7m in bank accounts but strangely was assigned to talk to pretty wealth managers on products to buy.
Like you say, if you are not looking to get richer than you are, don't want to take risk and are ok with anything higher than the HSBC Premier Savings Account, then I would recommend Citibank Maxigain Savings Account. With the step-up interest, you would be able to definitely earn more than 1%. That said, it's only up to the first $150k I believe.
Then put your money into other high yield savings accounts or FDs. That's about all I can recommend if you want no risk.
Also, loving that minimalist lifestyle, but invest in your health and don't eat too much instant noodles. You are a medical student after all! ;D

You can use it to generate a second stream of income by investing it in dividend payout funds. Constant 5% payout pa. Imagine getting

If you wanna find out more, you can contact me @ 83234643 😄

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I can understand your situation somewhat feeling lost not being sure whom to ask or seek advice from...

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